Admins and Schedule Managers can temporarily turn off sending notifications.


What’s this used for?

When making changes to the schedule or setting up new programs a lot of things are being updated. New volunteers are added to the schedule, participants and horses are moved around and a lot of notifications can be sent. For example; let’s say you had a Participant cancel for a few days and you need to move their volunteers to another Participant that is replacing the canceled one. With Notifications turned on each volunteer will get at least 2 notices (text and/or email depending on their settings): one for the canceled participant, one for removing them from that participant to another. If other changes are made to the schedule for that volunteer, they will get notified for each change. This new feature allows Admins and Schedule Managers to turn of notifications while they make big changes and then turn them on again when they are ready.

How to turn them off

There are 2 ways to edit this setting both accessed in the menu on the top left:

  1. From your user account
    • Hover over the Account menu on the top left
    • Click on the My Account link
    • Scroll to the bottom of your account and click Edit
    • On the Edit screen in the Notification Settings area is a checkbox for Send Notifications. Check or Uncheck this and Save your account.
  2. From the Account menu
    • Hover over the Account menu on the top left
    • Click on the My Account link
    • Turn Notifications Off button. This will turn of Notifications.
  3. In both cases a new red box will show up on ALL screens in Wranglr until you turn Notifications back on.

How to turn Notifications back On

You can do it 3 ways:

  1. Edit your account and turn Notifications on by checking the box in Notification Settings labeled “Send Notifications” and saving your account.
  2. Hover over the Account menu in the upper left and click the Turn Notifications On link
  3. In the red warning area on all screens of Wranglr click on the red Turn Notifications On button.

Once you have notifications turned on, then red warning will disappear.

Some important things to consider

  • While notifications are turned off no notices will be sent when making changes to the schedule. For example: volunteers will not be notified they have been added to a position. Instructors will not be notified they have been removed from an event/lesson. Any other changes to the schedule will not trigger notifications while they are turned off.
  • Turning notifications ON after making changes WILL NOT send out any notices of things that were done to the schedule.
  • Asking for Volunteers, sending emails and texts manually WILL send even if Notifications are turned off.
  • One user’s setting for Notifications does not affect another user. For example: The Admin of a facility has turned off notifications and is working on the schedule. When she makes changes NO notifications will be sent until she turns it back on. The Schedule Manager for the same facility has notifications turned ON. When she makes changes, notices will be sent as normal. The setting is user specific and does not affect other users.
  • The setting will stay which ever way you have it forever until you switch it back. It is not temporary. That’s why Wranlgr shows the red warning everywhere.