In the menu in the upper right, click Admin, then select Set Volunteer Roles.







Next, click the “Add Volunteer Role” button.

Then, fill out the add a new volunteer role form:

add volunteer role form for therapeutic riding centers

Name – enter the name of the volunteer role (aka volunteer job or volunteer position). For example, Side Walker. This field is required.

Description – enter a brief description of the volunteer role.

Approval Needed? – Check this box if this position requires a volunteer to go through training in order to perform this role.

Color Approval Needed? – Check this box if horse color matters for the volunteer position. This will prevent a volunteer from working with a horse color, or level of horse, they haven’t been approved for.

Status – by default the volunteer role is Active. In the future, if you no longer use the role you can mark it as Inactive. Note: Inactive volunteer roles can not be used in the schedule.