Wranglr is more than volunteer scheduling, check out these features: 


  • Approvals include roles (Leader, Coach, Sidewalker) as well as horse colors (most facilities color code their horses to categorize them).

  • Volunteers only perform the roles and/or colors they are approved for.

  • Volunteers can manage their own schedule.

  • Volunteers can view their schedule in a list, week or monthly view.

  • Volunteers see a list of openings they are approved to volunteer for so they can easily sign up.

  • Volunteers choose to be notified by text or email (or both) of volunteer openings and schedule changes.

  • If a volunteer needs to cancel within 24 hours of their scheduled time they are prompted to call the facility.

  • Click a button to text or email a volunteer.

  • Volunteers can access the volunteer handbook anytime.

  • Volunteers set the days and times they are available.

  • Volunteers can set custom days they aren’t available, this is useful for vacations, etc.

  • Seasonal volunteers can set an end date to their availability.

Adaptive Riding Software Wrangler Volunteer Management

Save Time

We’ve made finding volunteers faster! With the click of a button send a text or email to available and qualified volunteers to fill a spot. 

Time Tracking

  • Volunteers clock in and out with the click of a button.

  • Volunteers can leave a note with their time cards.

  • Admins can view a list of open time cards anytime so you can see who is on the property, or close time cards at the end of the day.

  • View and download (csv) time card reports for the facility or an individual volunteer.

  • Volunteers can view and download their own time cards. This gives them quick and easy access to reports they may need for school, etc.

Volunteer time tracking for therapeutic riding centers


  • Everyone sees the horse list including photos, bio, and tips and tricks for working with that horse.

  • Set maximum horse usage for all horses OR set usage for an individual horse.

  • View and download detailed horse usage reports with monthly hours for each horse.

  • View and download individual horse usage reports including the month’s details: program name, start time, duration, participant/rider and more.

  • Track horse weight limits (optional); can be set to give a warning or enforced so horse can not be matched with an overweight rider.

Horse Tracking for Therapeutic Riding Centers

Participants / Riders

  • Easily manage Participant information: name (no last names), weight, preferred horse, mounting areas, volunteer roles needed and tack.

  • New for Covid-19: let volunteers know if the Participant wears a mask.

  • When Participants are added to the schedule it automatically includes their mounting areas, needed volunteers, tack and indicates their preferred horse.

  • Easily view a participants schedule by day, week or month.

Hippotherapy Software


  • Create almost any type of program. Examples: therapeutic riding, EAMH, feeding, staff meetings & special events.

  • Programs are color coded for easy schedule viewing.

  • Programs can be weekly, biweekly, single day or multiple days.

  • Easily and quickly end a program, copy it when a new one is needed.

Hippotherapy Volunteer Management Software


Individual instances of a program

  • Fill volunteer spots with the click of a button.

  • Click a button to ask approved (and available) volunteers to fill open spots.

  • Quickly update events, add a participant or cancel one, switch horses, tack and volunteers.

  • Print events to keep hard copies, or so the instructor can write notes during class.

  • When event changes occur (i.e. a cancellation) it’s easy to email or text everyone on the event.

Adaptive riding software


  • Manage facility locations by horse capacity; this ensures that a location isn’t overbooked.

  • View the calendar of each location; programs are color coded for easy viewing.

Adaptive riding software

The Best Feature of All?

You have input. Wranglr users give us feedback and suggestions for future features. The first version of Wranglr didn’t have time tracking but a facility asked for it and it’s available now. Users have asked for a Salesforce integration so we’re working on it. Our goal for Wranglr is to help therapeutic riding centers as much as possible and with the input of our users we’re well on our way!

Wranglr adaptive riding software

Want a Demo?

Wranglr is ready for your therapeutic riding center and we’d love to show it to you. Choose a date on the calendar to schedule your demo:

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Our Mission

To simplify volunteer scheduling and management at therapeutic riding centers so volunteer coordinators have more time to personally interact with horses, participants and volunteers.