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Advanced Search in Users

Wranglr has Advanced Search to help you find and download Users that fit certain criteria. You can search based on Position (Admin, Schedule Manager, Volunteer, Instructor, etc.), Approved Roles, Approved Colors, Availability Days and more.

How to find Advanced Search?

Go to the Users list and click on Advanced Search next to the Search by name or email text box

This will expand the Advanced Search fields

In here you can see the additional fields you can search for. Use either Search button to reload your User list based on your search criteria. You can download your list by clicking on the Download button. You can also reset the whole form back to empty by clicking on the Reset button.

When you select criteria they will show up when you Search for results.

  • Position – search for users that are Admin, Healthcare Professional, Instructor, Schedule Manager, Staff or Volunteer
  • Approved Role – search for all users that are approved for a particular role such as Leader or Sidewalker
  • Approved Color – search for all users that are approved for a color such as blue or green Horses
  • Availability – find all users that are available on a particular weekday such as Tuesday

Use the Rest button to reset the form or expand Advanced Search to re-enter your criteria.

When you download the results you will see a detailed spreadsheet with all of your user data included

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