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Canceling or Removing Participants

You can cancel Participants in Wranglr and we’ll keep track of an optional reason why they canceled. You do this when you edit an individual occurrence of a Program or a Custom Event. Click on the X next to their name in Edit Lesson/Event:

You will then see a pop up with the options for canceling a Participant

There are some options to decide what to do:

Remove the Participant

When you choose this option it will remove the Participant, their Horse (if any), and their Volunteers (if any). This will show up as a change made to the lesson but will not show up in reports. Some reasons why you would want to remove a Participant instead of cancel might be: they were never supposed to be in the lesson or the lesson was canceled.

Cancel the Participant

Canceling a Participant will show up in reports which can be used for billing, etc. If a Participant is canceled reports will show that they canceled and show the Private reason why. When you choose to cancel a Participant instead of remove you have some options.

  • Private reason/notes: this is a HIPAA compliant, private reason why they canceled. This will not show up on the Facility Schedule or in print outs unless you specify it to show.
  • Public reason/notes: this is a public reason why they canceled. It will be sent in the text/email to any volunteers that are notified of this cancellation. It will show on the Facility Schedule to Volunteers instead of the Private reason.
  • Remove Horse and Volunteers?: normally a Participant’s horse and volunteers will stay on the schedule and get horse usage hours (in the case of a horse) or volunteer hours (for volunteers). You may want them to still come in and exercise the horse, or continue with the group lesson, for example. But if you want to remove them, just check the box and they will be removed. They will NOT be canceled, but removed which will not show on reports.

When you cancel the participant notifications will be sent to people letting them know of the cancellation, with a link to the lesson. If you include the Public reason/notes, they will be included in the text/email notifications.

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