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Canceling Volunteers

Wranglr allows you to cancel volunteers if you are an Admin or Instructor. This allows you to maintain information on which volunteers have canceled for a position and optional notes of why.

Volunteers used to be able to remove themselves from the schedule which would not leave any info on why they removed themselves. As of 1/30/2022 Volunteers will only be able to Cancel themselves. They cannot un-cancel themselves and will require an Admin or Instructor to do that for them. Wranglr now keeps track of any time a volunteer cancels which includes:

  • Removing themselves from a single item on the My Schedule screen
  • Removing themselves from multiple items on the My Schedule screen
  • Editing their Availability which will cancel them from any dates or times they are no longer available.

How to Cancel a Volunteer

  • First, go to an event/lesson you want to work with from the Facility Schedule and edit it.
  • Find a Volunteer you would like to Cancel and click the X button next to their name.
  • You will see a dialog that looks similar to this
  • See the Red Arrow pointing to the Cancel Volunteer area. This allows you to enter an option note that will be displayed on the schedule and in printed documents. Once you’ve entered a Note, click on the Cancel Volunteer With Optional Note button.
  • You will now see a dark grey box around the canceled volunteer
  • You can un-cancel this volunteer by clicking on the X button next to their name which will show a dialog like below
  • When you un-cancel the volunteer the will be put back in the exact same position they were before. NOTE: you cannot un-cancel a volunteer if their previous position is filled. You will have to remove or cancel the volunteer that is now in their previous position first.
  • You can cancel as many volunteers for the same position as you want or need to and you can still fill that position.
  • After un-canceling your edit screen will look like this (based on the above images as examples)
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