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Essential vs Value Participant Volunteer Roles

Click here to view a video to see this feature in action

Essential and Valuable roles in Wranglr help you to manage how important certain volunteer roles are for Mounted Participants. Each Participant has their needed Volunteer Roles and now each of those can be marked as either Valuable (the default setting) or Essential (more important). Essential will be flagged as more important and Wranglr will direct volunteers to fill Essential Roles first.

When a Volunteer goes to the Openings view and clicks to sign up for an open role they are approved for, Wranglr will check to see if this role is an Essential or Valuable role. If it is Valuable, Wranglr will check 1 hour before and 1 hour after the lesson the volunteer is signing up for. If there are any open Essential Roles, the volunteer will be asked to fill them first.

You can choose to leave all of your Participant Volunteer Roles as Valuable and Wranglr will work the same as it always has. When you ready you can add Essential roles to Participants to help guide volunteers to more important roles.

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