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Time Tracking: How Many Volunteer Hours Do We Have This Month / Year?

To find your total volunteer hours go to the menu in the upper right, click Admin, then select “Facility Time Cards.”










Next, click the “View Chart” button.


Here you can view the total volunteer hours for the current year (to see a different year select it from the drop down menu and click “Go”). If you want to see hours from a specific month mouseover the green bar above the month you want.

How to Download a Report

After you’ve selected the year you want from the drop down menu you can click the green “Download Report” button (see graphic above). A .CSV file will be downloaded to your computer.

NOTE: Volunteer hours appear in minutes on the spreadsheet (.CSV). To convert to hours, use a formula to get the sum for the Duration (in minutes) column, then divide that number by 60. 

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