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How to Add a Volunteer

In the menu in the turquoise section, mouse over Team and select “Users” from the drop down menu.







Next, click the “Add User” button.





Fill out the New User form:

*First Name: This is required
*Last Name: This is required
Email: The email address needs to be unique in Wranglr. For example, a family can not share an email address in Wranglr because each account needs a unique email address.
Receive Email: Keep this checked if the user wants to receive email from Wranglr.
Profile Image: Click the “Choose File” button to upload a JPG or PNG photo of the volunteer. If you are using an iPhone and having trouble, click the “How to create a jpg on iPhone” link underneath the “Choose File” button.
Title: This is not required but if the volunteer has a special title like Volunteer Lead, enter it here.
Mobile: A mobile phone number is required in Wranglr and used to send text messages.
Receive Text: Keep this checked if the user wants to receive text messages from Wranglr.
Birth Date: We use this to know if a volunteer is under 16 (so they can only sign up for age appropriate volunteer positions. The birth date is also used to say Happy Birthday to the volunteer on their birthday when they visit Wranglr.
Start Date: In the future we will use the start date to assign badges to volunteers. For example, after their first year of volunteering they will earn a 1-year badge.


Address1: Use this for the Volunteer’s address
Address2: Use this field to add an apartment number, suite or other secondary address information.
City: Add the Volunteer’s City
State: Add the Volunteer’s State
Zip: Add the Volunteer’s Zip Code.
Country: by default United States is selected.


Emergency Contact Name: Enter the name of the Volunteer’s emergency contact.
Emergency Contact Relation: Enter the relation to the Volunteer, examples: Mother, Father, Husband, Wife, Caretaker, etc.
Emergency Contact Phone: Enter the Emergency Contact’s phone number.

Login Role: Select General
Positions: Select Volunteer (and all others that apply)


When you are finished filling out the form click the “Save Account” button.

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