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How to give a User Administrator Permissions

In Wranglr you can manage each User’s Permissions. You can use Permissions to manage what each User can do inside of Wranglr. Wranglr calls this type of Permission Login Role. Using Login Role you can set up each User to only be able to do what you have decided they can.

To make someone an Admin User follow these steps:

1. Log in to Wranglr:
2. Go to the User List:
3. Find the User you want to edit by either typing their first name into the search box or by using the list and pages at the bottom to find them.

4. Click on the turquoise arrow to the right of their account info

5. Scroll down to the red Edit button, click to edit the user
6. Scroll down to the Login Role dropdown and select Admin
7. Click on Save Account

8. Return to User List and see the Admin is now added in bold under the User’s Positions
9. This user will now have Admin permissions in Wranglr and can edit everything for your facility.

View a short video of how to do this in Wranglr

How to make a User and Admin

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