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Participant Notes

IMPORTANT: You will need to contact Wranglr Support to have Participant Notes turned on for your Facility. It is not on by default and we will need your request to enable Notes.

You can add Notes to any Participant in a couple of ways. First, you can do it from an Individual Participant. From here you can see all of the Notes that have been added for the Participant you are viewing. Second, you can add Notes from an Event/Lesson that a Participant is on. This view allows you to see all of the Participants on an Event/Lesson and add/edit your Notes as needed.

How to add Notes to an Individual Participant

  • First, go to a Participant from the Participant List.
  • Here you’ll see a group of tabs near the top.
  • Select Notes
  • This will show a list of Notes for the selected Participant.
  • Each Note will have information on who created it, when it was created and, if it was edited, who edited it and when. You’ll also see the Note text.
  • Click on the New Note button
  • You will need to select which Event to apply this Note to. A drop down of all of the Events for the selected Participant is provided.
  • IMPORTANT: if you don’t select an Event for a Note it will not be associated with any Event. This is ok and can be used for general Notes.
  • Select the Event for the Note
  • Type in your text for the Note
  • Click the Add Note button.
  • Your new Note will appear in the list.

How to add Notes to a Participant from an Event/Lesson

  • Go to the Facility Schedule and select which date you want to work with.
  • Find the Event/Lesson you want to add Notes to, click it.
  • In the upper right there is a Notes button, click it to see all of the notes for all Participants on the Event/Lesson.
  • NOTE: if there are no Participants on an event you won’t be able to add any Notes.
  • In the Notes list for the Event/Lesson you will see all of the Participants listed alphabetically along with their Notes.
  • Choose which Participant to add a Note to and click the Add Note button.
  • You won’t need to select the Event because you are already on an Event for the Note(s).
  • Enter your Note text
  • Click the Add Note button
  • You new Note will appear in the Notes list for the Participants.

You can add as many Notes to a Participant as you want. Any other users will be able to add their Notes as well.

Who can see and add Notes?

We allow Admins, Schedule Managers, Healthcare Professionals and Instructors to add Notes. This makes it easy to see any Notes that you or others have added for a Participant so you can get up to speed and ready for Events/Lessons quickly.

How to edit a Note

  • First, go to the Participant or Event/Lesson you want to edit a note for. See above for details on both ways.
  • Choose which Note you want to edit and click the Edit button.
  • Update your text and click Modify Note.
  • Your new text will show and the Note will now have additional info showing the Modified Date and who modified it (in this case, you).

IMPORTANT: you cannot delete Notes.
IMPORTANT: you can only edit notes you created, you cannot edit another user’s notes.

Exporting Notes

As with creating and editing Notes you can do it 2 ways: from an individual Participant or from an Event/Lesson

How to Export Notes from an individual Participant

  • Go to the Participant List and find the Participant you want to export Notes from
  • Click on the Notes tab to see their Notes
  • On the right, above the Notes is an Export Notes button. This will ask you if you are sure you want to download the Notes. Click Yes.
  • You will download a spreadsheet with all of the notes for that Participant.

How to Export Notes for all Participants on an Event/Lesson

  • Find the Event/Lesson you want to work with in the Facility Schedule
  • In the upper right is a Notes button, click it.
  • This will show you all of the Participants on the Event/Lesson along with their Notes.
  • At the top is an Export Notes button, click it.
  • This will download a spreadsheet all of the Notes for all of the Participants on the Event/Lesson
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