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Participant Report

Wranglr has a ton of information related to Participants and the lessons they have attended and those they have canceled. We have tried to include as much information as possible in our reports to allow you to use them for things like billing, planning, and organizing your facility schedule for future sessions.

How to find these reports?

There are 2 ways to get to the Participant reports:

In the main Admin menu at the top right of the screen

Or by going to the Participants list and selecting Reports at the top

How to use this Report

This Reports page has several different types of reports. There is a date range selector that allows you to choose a start and end date for your report.

You can also choose to see a particular Program Type or Any Program Type which shows them all together. You can select to include Inactive Participants as well.


You can view a chart to show the number of hours each Participant has worked in a date range. This chart can get pretty busy if you select a wide date range and/or choose either a Program Type with lots of Programs built or Any Program Type. To get a less busy chart try narrowing down your date range or selecting a Program Type.

Once you’ve selected your date range and Program Type click the Get Chart button

This will show you a chart with horizontal bars representing the Participant and the number of hours they attended lessons for the given date range and Program Type selected.

Downloadable Reports

You can also download either a Basic or Detailed report for your Participants. To do this, simply select your date range and Program Type and click either the Download Basic Report or Download Detailed report button

Basic Report

The Basic Report is a spreadsheet that includes the same data that is in the Chart which is Participant name, have they canceled, and Duration in minutes and hours.

Detailed Report

The Detailed Report contains a lot more data in it that either the Chart or Basic Report. It includes each time each Participant had a Lesson with details on the lesson. This allows you to see each time a Participant has worked with your facility, the times they have canceled, duration, Program Names, Location, and Horse details.

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