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Text Message Opt Outs

We have spent a lot of time optimizing text messages. We want to give you and your volunteers the best experience we can. Part of that is being able to send text messages, but an even more important part is not sending too many text messages. We don’t want people getting frustrated with too many. We’ve already done some big things with Ask for Volunteers and this time we are focused on Opt Outs. 

Text messages are a strange beast and Wranglr only has partial control over whether or not a text message gets delivered to someone. People who don’t want to get messages from any number can simply reply STOP, CANCEL or UNSUBSCRIBE to that number and they will never receive another text message from the number again. This works great for spam text messages but can be problematic when you need to communicate with a volunteer who has done this.

The thing is, Wranglr doesn’t have any control over this. Once someone Opts Out from text messages, we can’t send another one to them again until they Opt In. The even more fun thing is that Wranglr still gets charged by the phone carrier (AT&T, Verizon, etc) for sending a message that was blocked!

This release includes a way to handle if someone has opted out and will then never try to send a message to them again until their account is Reset. Once their account has been reset, Wranglr will try to send the next text message to them. If they are still opted out Wranglr will mark their account as Opted Out again. If they are no longer Opted Out, they will receive the text. Whew!

This feature makes Wranglr more useful and, hopefully, will help your team have a better relationship with your volunteers.

Here are the areas where you can see an obvious and prominent visual that a User has opted out of text messages:

  • In the User List ( Here you will see the list of users and, if any have Opted Out, you’ll see a red button in place of the button you could click to send them a text. 

    If you click on the button you will get more info on what happened and what to do next:

On a User’s Profile page (on the General Info Tab):

On a User’s (on the Notifications tab):

And finally, in the Enter Text message pop up from Edit Event/Lesson:

Some other areas where this is used behind the scenes are:

  • Any time a text message is sent for an automated notice such as when a volunteer is added to the schedule, a participant cancels, a volunteer is canceled.
  • Ask for Volunteers does not include any users that have both opted out from texts and don’t want email notices.

We have gotten a ton of support requests from both facilities and individual volunteers asking why a text message hasn’t been received. One of the main reasons is because the user opted out or unsubscribed by replying to one of our texts STOP, CANCEL, or UNSUBSCRIBE. The only way for them to start receiving them again is for them to reply to our number – 541-639-4445 – START, YES, or UNSTOP. We can then send them texts again. This feature is a step towards making this easier to diagnose and fix.

There is a process in Wranglr for handling this:

  • Let’s say you get a volunteer that wonders why they aren’t receiving texts.
  • Find their profile in the User List
  • Where the Text button used to be there is now an Opted Out button. If you see this red button you know that the reason why they are not receiving texts is basically because they said they didn’t want to! Go figure, right?
  • If the button is still a green-ish Text button, the problem is something else. Check to see if their mobile number is correct. If it is, then contact Wranglr support so we can try to find out why they aren’t getting texts.
  • If the button is a red Opted Out button do this:
    • Have the User send a text to 541-639-4445 with only one of these words START, YES, or UNSTOP. They should receive 2 texts in response: one that says they have re-subscribed or opted in to the text messages, and a second one saying this is an unmonitored account, please log in to Wranglr to check your schedule.
    • Then click on the green reset link under the red Opted Out button:
    • This will reset their account in Wranglr so we try to send texts to them again.
    • Finally, in the User List, click on the Text button and send them a sample text to see if they get it. If they are still Opted Out (meaning they sent the wrong key word from the step above, or sent it to the wrong number or something), they won’t get the text and Wranglr will know not to send them texts again. If this happens, start over on this process and see if that fixes it. If not contact support.
    • If they do get the text, all is good and right in the world! Wahoo!
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