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Timecard Reports

Wranglr has a ton of information related to Users and the timecards they have filled out. We have several different reports to allow you to understand how your Volunteers (and other Users) are using timecards in Wranglr.

How to find these reports?

There are 2 ways to get to the Participant reports:

In the main Admin menu at the top right of the screen

Or by going to the Facility Timecards list and selecting Reports at the top

How to use this Report

This Reports page has several different types of reports.

First, there is the overall timecard adoption report. This is a Pie Chart at the top of the Reports page that shows you how many of your currently active users have filled out at least one time card. You can see the % of users that are using and not using timecards. NOTE: the pie chart does not include Inactive users (those you have edited and made their status Inactive).

Next there are 2 downloadable reports

Downloadable Reports

You can also download either a All Timecards for All Users for Selected Year or Total Timecard Hours for Users for your Users. To do this, simply click on the expandable accordion heading for the report you want. First let’s look at All Timecards

When you select a year and download the report you will get all of the completed time cards for that year. NOTE: Open timecards are not included.

You can select User Time Card Totals

This will show you a date range picker

Once you’ve selected a date range click on the Download Time Card Totals button to download a spreadsheet that includes the total hours each user has entered for the given time period.

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