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Understanding the Schedule

To make sense of the schedule let’s go through the building blocks that make up the schedule: Program Types > Programs > Facility Schedule with Individual Events.

1. Add Program

When you Add a Program you are creating an event or recurring class / lesson that will appear on the facility schedule. New programs start with a template, then you name the class / lesson, add a location, start date, time, day(s) of the week, select weekly or every other week, duration and end date.

Here is an example Program Details:










Here is an example Program List:

3. Facility Schedule with Individual Events

When you “Add Program” it shows up on the facility schedule based on the start date and time. To get to the facility schedule click the “Facility Schedule” button in the turquoise section.

This is where you can fill in the blanks (add actual Participants, Volunteers, Horses etc.) and edit specific events. Each time you see the program you created on the facility schedule it is an individual instance of that program that can be made up of different Participants, Volunteers, Horses etc.

NOTE: A Program is completely separate from the individual events on the calendar, it only dictates what potential positions are on an event (based on the program type) and the day of the week, time and duration.

Here is an example of a Program on the Facility Schedule:

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