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Volunteer Display Names

Click here to see a video of how this feature works

Many facilities and volunteers want to keep as much information private as possible. Wranglr gives you flexibility in what is shown on the Facility Schedule and print outs when it comes to Volunteers. By default, Wranglr will show their First and Last names on the schedule and on print outs.

Display Names help with this. They are an Admin Only field (Users cannot edit their own Display Name). This is to allow Admins to decide what to show for a User and not the User themselves. This keeps silly, unrecognizable display names and potential duplicates to a minimum. For example, you may have a Jim Sipe and a Jim Smith. Jim S won’t work in these cases because you won’t know who is how. You can make Jim Sipe’s Jim Si and Jim Smith’s Jim Sm.

If a User’s Display Name is blank, Wranglr will show their full first and last names on the schedule. If, however, Display Name has a value, Wranglr will use that instead.

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