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Volunteer On-Boarding in Wranglr

View a quick overview video of how it works here

Volunteer On-boarding is time consuming yet is very necessary to running your facility. Wranglr is working to make it easier with our Volunteer On-boarding feature. This is a feature you need to request to have turned on; so contact if you’d like to have it enabled.

When we researched building this feature we took the most frequently used fields from quite a few facilities’ websites/volunteer applications. We then put those fields in a form and allow you to customize certain things on the form such as whether or not you charge a fee or have a background check. You can also customize the text for your various waivers such as General Liability Waiver, Medical Waiver, Photo/Media release, and more. We use those custom pieces of text in several areas on the form. This is a work in progress and we appreciate any suggestions you have to make it work better for your facility.

You can preview the form, so you know it looks right. Then, once you are ready, you can copy the Preview Link and put it on your website in place of your current Volunteer Application link. IMPORTANT: your link is unique to your facility and has important information in it. Please use the full link and don’t change it or your applications will not work properly!

When a volunteer fills out the form, it will get saved in Wranglr and any Admins at your facility will receive a notice of the new submission. Admins can then log in to Wranglr and review each submission and move it to different stages. It starts as Pending. You can follow your normal procedure for contacting the volunteer, running a background check or any other things you normally do with a new volunteer. If you need to make any changes to the application you can. Usually you will want the volunteer to make those changes but sometimes you might have to.

Once you are ready to approve them you can mark their Application as Complete. This will create a User at your facility with all of their data from the form. You can then send that User a Welcome Email and approve them appropriately for Volunteer Roles. You can even create a Custom Event in Wranglr for Volunteer Orientation and add them to that! Keep notes on the submission as you move along to store info about next steps or other comments.

If, for some reason, a volunteer submission isn’t a good fit or doesn’t meet your other criteria, you can mark them as Declined. This means they are not suitable as a volunteer for your facility. You can take notes as an Admin to show why they didn’t work out.

You’ll see a link to Volunteer Applications in the Admin Menu. If there are any Pending applications the count will show in a red circle next to the link:

We are working on some updates for future releases such as receiving payments if you charge a fee, electronic signatures like DocuSign, and generating a PDF with your facility Logo to store for the volunteer and send them as a record. We also love any feedback so please let us know how to make this better for your process!

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