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Volunteer Signup for Multiple Dates

When a volunteer is on the Openings page they will see volunteer positions they are approved for, are available for, and that are not filled yet. They can click on an opening and see a dialog that allows them to Choose Dates. This dialog has a list of events in this program that are in the future. The list may not include all of the events in the program for several reasons:

  1. The event does not have this position open for the volunteer to sign up for (someone else is already signed up),
  2. The volunteer is already in the position for a particular event,
  3. The volunteer is not available (they have a day off in their Availability),
  4. The event in the future doesn’t have that position at all anymore (the facility has modified that event to not include the position).

The date the Volunteer has selected will be automatically selected. They can scroll up or down to check additional dates they would like to sign up for. They can also use the Check/Uncheck All option to quickly check dates.

Once they have selected the dates they would like to register for, they click on the Volunteer for Selected Dates button and they will be signed up for the selected events.

NOTE: this process is a background process that can take a minute to complete. During this time the volunteer may not see that these events are on their schedule and/or that they are still open on the Openings page. The background process will complete in a few seconds and they will be signed up as requested.


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