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Weekly General Report

Wranglr has a general weekly report that can be used to get a quick view of what has happened during a particular week. Select a week and it will generate a report that shows basic information about how many Volunteers, Participants, Horses, Horse Usage, Timecard hours and Schedule Hours.

How to find these reports?

In the main Admin menu at the top right of the screen

How to use this Report

This Reports page has one basic filter which is to select the week you want to report on. To do this use the calendar control and select any day as a start date. Wranglr will use the 7 days following your day to give you a weekly report. For example: if you choose Tuesday Jan 1st as a Start date, Wranglr will give you a report from Tuesday Jan 1st to Monday Jan 6th.

Once you’ve selected the start date click on the Download Weekly Overview Report button. This will download a PDF with the report info. Below is an example:

We try to keep the report on a single page but for larger facilities or busier weeks you may have 2 or more pages as in the example above.

Breakdown of Weekly Numbers

  • Volunteers unique/total – this shows you how many unique Volunteers came in versus the total times people Volunteers. In the example above it shows 51/163. This means that 51 unique Volunteers came in to Volunteer for 163 different events/positions. A single Volunteer may have Volunteered more than once.
  • Horses unique/total – similar to Volunteers above but related to Horses. A single Horse might be used more than once in a given week.
  • Participants unique/total – works the same as Volunteers and Horse but counts Participants
  • Timecard Hours – How many total hours of timecards were filled out (Open timecards are ignored) for the selected week
  • Horse Hours – How many Horse Usage hours were logged for the given week.
  • Daily breakdown of Participants and times. This table at the bottom of the report shows each day of the selected week. It shows the time each Participant came in for a lesson/event. This shows you at a glance how full each day was and who was at your facility each day.
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