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Automated Emails for Volunteer Openings

We know facilities send out emails to their volunteers each week with upcoming Openings. Getting this list of Openings together can take hours. And, every volunteer gets the same email whether or not they are approved or available for those Openings.

Wranglr can do this for you! Your facility gets the option to turn on Openings Emails. If you turn it on, you get 2 options: Daily or Weekly.

If you choose Daily, an email will go out early morning each day with the next day’s Openings. Each volunteer will get a customized email with only the Openings for which they are approved and available. They can click on a link to go to the Openings in Wranglr and sign up for whichever opportunities they would like.

When you choose Weekly, you get to select which day of the week to send the emails. Wranglr will send an email early on the day you choose for the upcoming week’s openings.

You can also customize the Subject of the email and the Intro in the email. This allows you to use your own language while speaking to your volunteers about which Openings need to be filled.

Here is an example of the email:

Volunteer Openings Email

If you would like us to turn on automated emails for volunteer openings, click here to answer a few questions so we can set it up for you.

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