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Programs Reports

Wranglr has a lot of information about the Programs you offer at your facility. We’ve developed some reports to help you get this data out. They can be used to see how full your lessons are, how often Participants cancel, how many openings vs filled positions you have and much more. You can report based on a date range and Program Type.

How to find these reports?

There are 2 ways to get to the Participant reports:

In the main Admin menu at the top right of the screen

Or by going to the Programs list and selecting Reports at the top

When you first come to the Programs Reports Page you will see some empty charts and the fields to pick the date range and select Program Type

Use the date range picker to narrow down to just the time period you are interested in. NOTE: smaller date ranges will result in faster reports. If you find you are waiting for a while for a report to be complete try reducing the date range and/or selecting a Program Type.

There are 3 types of reports for Programs: Charts, Basic Download and Detailed Download.


Once you’ve selected your date range and Program Type click the Get Chart button

You can view a chart to show a lot of data in simple to understand Pie Charts. Each chart represents a specific type of data and shows a comparison of 2-3 data points, usually Filled vs Unfilled openings for each item. For example the image below shows 3 different pie charts for types of Volunteers (Total Volunteers is all types of volunteers, Participant Volunteers are those that each Participant might need like Leader and Sidewalker, and General Volunteers which are those that are NOT on a Participant like Mucker or Schooling). Each pie chart represents a quick view of how many of each item are Filled and Unfilled.

There is one more chart that is slightly different – Participants. This pie chart has 3 data points: Filled, Unfilled and Canceled.

You can use the Participants chart to help see what % of your Participants cancel for any give date range and Program Type.

Downloadable Reports

You can also download either a Basic or Detailed report for your Participants. To do this, simply select your date range and Program Type and click either the Download Basic Report or Download Detailed report button

Basic Report

The Basic Report is a spreadsheet that includes the same data that is in the Charts but has them in columns. It has the Filled/Unfilled/Canceled info in a column for each item in the Charts. This allows you to do more sophisticated reporting in Excel or send your data to other people.

Detailed Download

The Detailed Report contains a lot more data in it that either the Charts or Basic Report. It includes each time each Participant had a Lesson with details on the lesson. This gives you more information about each Program including its start date/time, end date, duration, location, etc.

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